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*HOT* Nielsen is Accepting New Panel Members Again!

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Yay! This is a very well known and popular consumer research panel that is rewarding if you get accepted. They only recruit new members a few times a year, so be sure to jump on this one while it’s open!

*NOTE* when I posted about this last week, it was only available for a few hours and some of you missed out.  Be sure to hop on it if it interests you because I don’t know when or if the links will stop working again!

What is Nielsen Homescan?

Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel is a consumer research study company. Once accepted as a panelist, they will send you a hand-held UPC scanner to track your purchases and shopping habits. The unit then automatically sends this info to Nielsen and you earn points! Not only do you earn points for scanning your purchases, but you can also take surveys online too. You’ll be automatically entered into sweepstakes and your points can be traded in for prizes through an online catalog.

I joined Neilsen in 2009 and love it. It’s kind of fun using the UPC scanner and I like seeing my points add up weekly (I’m saving for something HUGE like a TV…it’ll probably take me 3 years to get, but hey – in the end its free and only took a few minutes of my time each week!) This isn’t a “money making” opportunity, but more a chance to have your opinions heard and be a part of consumer research.

Every so often I do get little “presents” from them in the mail out of the blue – like a reusable shopping bag and a flashlight and a bottle opener :)

I recommend you see if you qualify and have fun with it. If you find you don’t like it, you can simply return the scanner at any time. There is never any fee and they never ask you for a credit card or any sort of payment. So there is nothing to lose! (Be very suspicious of any “Consumer research” company that does ask for these things!!!)

How to Apply

If you have an old school analog (not digital) land phone line, then go here to apply.

If you do not have a land phone line (ie cell phone only), then go here to apply.

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  1. I don’t know, Michelle. You should send them an email :)

  2. Michelle says:

    do they rule ppl out permanently or what? ive registered before and they wont let me reapply….??

  3. Eileen Feder says:

    well that was easy….. thanks for the informations…. I’ll keep you posted how long it takes for the approval process.

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