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*HOT HOT HOT* Amazon Now Offering 5,000 Movies & TV Shows for FREE!!

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Today, Amazon announced that they are now offering unlimited, commercial-free, instant streaming of over 5,000 movies and TV Shows to their Amazon Prime members! WOOT WOOT!!!

Normally, Amazon Prime costs $79 per year, BUT if you’re a savvy shopper and have been following my blog, you already know that you can get Amazon Prime for absolutely FREE just by joining AmazonMom. (Remember, you DO NOT have to be a Mom or even a parent to sign up!!!) You’ll get Prime membership for free for 3 months and then be able to extend it for free for up to a year whenever you make purchases from the baby section of Amazon.

UPDATE:  Looks like they are reserving this new freebie feature for PAID Amazon Prime memberships :(  BUT you can get a Free 30 Day Trial of Amazon Prime.  You can then see if it is something you want to pay for.  Before Amazon Mom came out, I was a prime subscriber and think the $79 for a year of free 2 day shipping is definitely worth it.  But I do ALL my shopping on Amazon so you’ll need to see if it is worth it for you!

Now many of you are thinking – “I don’t like watching movies or shows on my laptop or computer”. Neither do I. But did you know that many new TVs, Blu-Ray and DVD players as well as XBox360, Wii and PS3 can stream movies from the internet?!??!

Yep! I’m really excited about this free Amazon Prime feature because my awesome parents got us a new Panasonic VIERA TC-P42G25 42-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV for Christmas and it’s can stream internet movies. This means not only saving money on movie rentals and cable TV, but we’ll be able to enjoy movies MORE often than we normally would because now its FREE. LOVE IT!!!

I’m thinking of just getting internet at the new house now because of this.  We never watch live TV anyway and only watch shows we’ve recorded.

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  1. it says its only good for *paid* prime subscriptions. it looks like amazonMom doesnt qualify. :(

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