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Another Way to Get Free Store Brand Formula – once a month!!!

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Call 1 (800) 485-9918 and request a FREE sample of Store Brand Formula for babies.

***Press 3 to request a sample.

You will be connected to a rep. Just say you are calling to request a sample. You can choose from a milk-based or soy-based sample.  You can choose to have a can sent to you (Parents Choice) OR they can send you a coupon to use at a local store near you. I asked for Target and was told I would be sent a coupon for the Up and Up brand. She said she had a coupon for Albertson’s, Walmart and Sam’s Club as well.

***The rep also told me to mark this date on my calendar and to call back next month to request another coupon. She said you can do this once a month, every month!!!


It took 4 weeks for the coupon to arrive and it is good for $3 off Up and Up Formula from Target.  When I call back this month, I think I will request for the sample to be shipped to me.  I believe that this way you get a free can – I will let you know once it arrives.

Also, please see my new post here about requesting a free sample of Member’s Mark Infant Formula via the web.

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  1. I called today and they didn’t have any free samples available. The rep also told me that they cancelled the coupon program.

  2. I have received a sample of parent’s choice in the past, it was a packet containing enough formula for 1 day (32 oz). It took about 6 weeks.

  3. I just called and they said they don't have samples of the Up & Up but are sending me the coupon for $3.00 off! Wahoo! Thanks for letting me know about this!

  4. So they sent you a coupon for $3 off up and up formula instead of sending you a sample. hmm. I thought the up and up was still more than $3. I EBF, but I have received the 1 day supply of formula from walmart and members mark (I donated them)– it was a nice sample—

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