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#Disney Movie #Rewards Magic #Codes: Get 55 More #FREE #Points!

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If you have kids, then you probably own a Disney movie or 50 :) Did you know that you can collect movie rewards points and trade them in for free prizes? Yep! Even if you don’t buy Disney movies, you can still join and get rewards based solely on all these free codes I find and post for you!

I didn’t own a single Disney movie until recently, and have over 1500 points in my account :) I’m saving up for the adorable Woody Guitar! (Only 145 points to go – yippeeee!!!!)

C2FH88UF5X – 5 pts

*50 BONUS CODE* – BEFORE you add your next purchased code from a DVD or CD, enter M1D17LJHBGHQ *FIRST* to get a 50 point bonus! (Or you can just enter it now by itself and it will “hold” it in your account until you enter a purchased code :)) Valid til 3/1/11

Don’t have an account yet? Please leave a comment – I’d love to refer you (you get points for referrals so once you sign up, you can refer your friends too!).

Just like Pampers Gifts to Grow and Huggies Enjoy the Ride programs, you can often find “free” codes (where no purchase is needed) to add points to your account. I will post them here on my site and also add them to the Master List found here. (Be sure to check to see if you missed any previous codes too!)

Do you know of any other Disney Movie Reward Magic Codes that I may have missed? Please feel free to share them here!

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  1. Looking for movie codes so that I can get a free ticket to Nemo 3D

  2. you have to type the magic code in to win bouns points to win a packeg with prizes in the meal what you won

  3. Hi i’ve just tryed all the codes i”ve seen on this page and none of them worked for me!!
    whats wrong? Can a code only be used once or something?
    heres my tinkerbell code T54JTCWH2M8

  4. if u go on disneymovierewards there is 2 surveys 1s worth 50 points n the others worth 100 points they only take like 5 mins for the points and r free aswell :)

  5. i have a magic code for bambi blu-ray dvd combo pack, worth 125 point… if some one can tell me the magic code for chihauhau 2 .. that would be great.. ok here it is.


    Hi there I would love to sign up can you tell me how??? Thanks so much!!

  7. Cortney – that is the bonus code. You won’t get the 50 points until you enter a paid code now after it anytime up until 3/1! Try digging thru any and all disney movies you or your friends have. i did this and had points i never knew i had!

  8. Cortney VW says:

    Bonus code didnt work for me…it even is listed under my “enter code here” box has bonus points with a big 0 next to it? then i entered the other code you have? what did i do wrong?

  9. Thank you!!!!!!

  10. I just tried to enter some of the past codes you have listed on the master sheet (thank you so much for listing them btw!!). The codes from the following dates came up with the message “This code is not live”: 6/18, 7/18, 1/4, and 1/10. At first I thought maybe I had already entered those codes but a different message came up for duplicate codes. Just wanted to let you know. :)

  11. I would like a referral…Thanks!

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