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Baby Freebies and Best Deals 2/16

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Whistler Helps Scout Out The Best Baby Deals of the Week!

Here is a list of resources for Free Baby goodies. Enjoy! If you know of any other freebie links that I missed, please leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list!

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom for the list of this past week’s baby deals that I’ve blogged – don’t miss out!

Always use a separate email that you’ve created just for “other” stuff (meaning, don’t use your personal, regular email address). This is handy for all internet signups, freebies etc. I do this because the more you put your email address out there, the more spam you get! So I only give out my “stuff” email address so I can filter thru them when I want to and I don’t have to worry about my real address being compromised.
Also, I NEVER give out my real telephone number. I just don’t see the need – they have my email address, thats enough contact info. Please be very cautious and smart about giving out any important personal info. Use your best judgment!

Some offers state 1 per househould, 1 per name or 1 per mailing address. Be sure to pay attention (usually found in the small print at the bottom of the sign-up form) and then get more by signing up your husband, boyfriend, parents, siblings, friends, etc for these too (of course, ask first). Every week when my mom visits the baby, she brings a handful of goodies she received in the mail (mostly coupons and formula checks!) because I signed her up for these too!

Baby/Parenting Communities

MySurvey is my favorite survey site. They are always looking for new members, especially expectant mothers or mothers with children under the age of 4. If you fall under this category, you should apply now to be a member.

How it works is you take surveys or do product reviews and earn points. You can then trade in the points for cash or redeem them for prizes. It’s a legitimate company and easy to work with. The minimum to request a check is only $10 – which is very doable in a short amount of time. Especially if you refer your friends to the program (you’ll get 150pts = $1.50 for each that joins).

One of my readers, Robin, just had this to say:

I have been on MySurvey for about 3 years now! I LOVE it! I’ve received over $200 cash so far!! I’ve also done many studies on products. They’ve sent me laundry detergent (usually 2 bottles at a time), Pull Ups (they send 3 FREE jumbo bags!), regular diaper, toilet paper and shampoo!!! Keep in mind when joining to do this though, you don’t always know the name brand of the product. The shampoo, regular diaper, toilet paper and one laundry study I did- they sent unmarked products to do blind testing. In the end though, I learned the shampoo was Pantene, the regular diapers were CVS brand, the TP was Scotts Extra Soft (I was extra impressed!) and when I’m done with the blind laundry study I’m currently doing, I’ll let you know what it was!! LOL Try it! It works!!

CafeMom is an online community created especially for moms. Thousands of moms have come together online to swap stories and advice on a huge range of topics, share photos, and connect with friends.

My Survey: Looking for Moms for Surveys and Product Reviews

Have Free Baby Samples and Coupons Mailed to You

Babytobee – If you are currently expecting or have had a baby in the last 11 months, you can sign up here for freebies to be sent to you.

Planning Family – Register for some great stuff for the baby – free baby samples, free baby magazines, baby formula coupons and more.

Freeflys – Cheap is good, but free is better! Another great company that sends out free samples, coupons and sometimes products to test!

CoolSavings – Very well known savings site that features Grocery Coupons, Free Samples, Online Coupons, Free Stuff, and other great deals.

Formula and Food
***TIP: When signing up with the makers of baby formula, they usually send samples within 4 weeks of the due date you list. Sign up at MOST 2 months before your due date -people who have signed up earlier than this, report never receiving anything. They also tend to send “more” to people who are still pregnant when signing up (they want to be your first choice because they all know that you usually stick with the first formula you feed your baby!)

If you sign up with any of the baby formula makers below for the freebies and baby food coupons, but won’t be using the monthly rebate checks because you are breastfeeding, PLEASE CONTACT ME. I have a monthly donation to my local women’s shelter and they are always in desperate need of formula!

Walmart’s Parent’s Choice Formula – Request a full day’s sample. You can choose from Premium, Advantage or Gentle Formulas.

Free Formula Once a Month – Did you know that you can request to have free formula sent to you every month? You just have to call to request it. Find out how here.

Members Mark: Free Sample of Baby Formula – Choose from Complete or Gentle.

Sign up with Enfamil Family Beginnings EVEN if you plan on breastfeeding! Its completely free and they will not only send you a full size can of their baby formula, but also a few other free items like a diaper bag (up to $250 worth of goodies). You will also receive monthly rebate checks for as much as $15 (this will cover the cost of a full sized can of powder) and new baby tips, advice and expectations for each month. It’s very informative! As your baby gets older, they start adding coupons for baby food too.

Strongmoms – Makers of Similac. Sign up to receive your free sling pack filled with goodies. They will also send 2 full size cans of formula and rebate checks every month!

Gerber Good Start – Offers over $147 in coupons and checks plus monthly tips and advice. They send rebate checks every month too – starting out really high. I received $15 for the first couple months. This will pay for at least one can of powdered formula.

Free Sample of Organic Baby Formula for Toddlers

Snikiddy – Get a coupon for a free product.

Beechnut – Request your Next Steps Kit which will include coupons (like 4 free jars of baby food)

Beechnut – Request this Starter Kit and receive coupons for free cereal and 2 jars of baby food.

Beechnut – Request your Toddler Kit that will include coupons for 3 free Let’s Grow products.

Juicy Juice – Register to receive a free sippy cup!


Join for a chance to win a year’s worth of free diapers! Also sign up for their free Gifts to Grow point reward program. Kick start your account with all the free bonus codes I’ve posted here.

Pampers has a new Potty Training Kit available too.

Print a coupon for $1 off Luvs Diapers here.

Sign up for Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards point program and kick start your account with all the free bonus codes I’ve posted here.

Huggies also has a free Pull-Ups® Big Kid Central DVD to help with potty training. Order your free copy here.

Print Huggies coupons here!

Other Great Freebies

All parents LOVE taking photos of their kids. I’m no different and I ALWAYS have a heads up on the best FREE photo offers here – enjoy!

Don’t buy baby clothes – ThredUp instead!

Gerber – Free Child Safety ID kit.

Baby Barn – Free sample of lotion and wash.

Most recent deals I’ve blogged about

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