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#Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards: 5 New Codes Worth 13 pts!

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Wow – It has been more than 2 weeks since I posted a Huggies code.  Are you glad to see this post then?  Pampers has really been kicking out their free codes lately, but Huggies has been stingy – lol!


These codes have been added to the really big master list of all previous bonus codes for this year. If you are new here, or to these free bonus Huggies codes, you definitely want to make sure to check to see if you missed any!  I’ve had lots of readers say they’ve been able to add over 100 points to their account by going thru this list!

Just to clarify, the codes that I post are for everyone to use once. They will work on every new account (or old one) that has not used that code yet. They are free-for-all bonus codes (usually ending in “PGB”)

The codes that you find on Huggies products that you have purchased (diaper packages, wipes, etc) are one-time use only and CAN NOT be used by everyone.

You can also earn points on the Enjoy the Ride website by:

  • Registering with Huggies Enjoy the – 10 points (new members only)
  • Watching videos – 2 points each (look under Earn Rewards tab, currently there are 10) These are actually kind of funny!
  • Taking polls – 2 points each
  • Browse, click and earn – various points
  • Referring friends – 5 points each who register

If you like collecting free points and redeeming them for cool prizes, then you may also be interested in the Pampers Gifts to Grow codes or Disney Movie Rewards codes too!

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  1. This code does not work any more. BGSHBQLWTGRKPGB – 1 pt

  2. Huggies has made it even more difficult to enter codes on their website – now you have to break them up into 3 boxes of 5 characters each. Their website is so clunky compared to pampers that it takes twice as long to enter codes.

    • Did they just do that in the last hour? I literally JUST entered those codes before I made this post and I did not experience that issue. I just copied and pasted them just as you see them here…

  3. The 3rd 1 point code says it’s expired….

  4. Jeana – The third code on this post is expired… :( Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  5. Just wanted to let ya know, the 3rd one is expired =(

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