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Disney Movie Rewards Magic Code Master List!

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And one more FINALLY!  A master list containing all the current valid free bonus codes.  I will update this list as I find more so be sure to bookmark this page.

If you have kids, then you probably own a Disney movie or 50    Did you know that you can collect movie rewards points and trade them in for free prizes? 

Just like Pampers Gifts to Grow and Huggies Enjoy the Ride programs, you can often find “free” codes (where no purchase is needed) to add points to your account.   As a matter of fact, my little one is only 22 weeks old so way too little for the movies yet, but I already have 815 points in my account from the free codes alone so be sure to open up an account even if you never purchase a movie!

Don’t have an account yet?  Please leave a comment – I’d love to refer you (you get points for referrals so once you sign up, you can refer your friends too!). 

Do you know of any other Disney Movie Reward Magic Codes that I may have missed?  Please feel free to share them here!

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  1. i just want the code for sleeping beauty :( i havent watched in since i was like 8 and i need the code to stream it

  2. Thanks for the list,
    only the following two codes are still valid





  4. There are codes for each day of Dec. up to xmas. Look here:

  5. do you know witch code is alive because some of them don’t work please help

  6. FPSNN83JX9 is the only code still working. Thank you though :)

  7. Thanks

  8. hi thanks for tring to help but none of them worked for me i would love to refer you but none of them are working for me

  9. Evelyn A. says:

    Just opened an account with them. Some of the codes worked and I was able to add a few points to my account. Thank you for the master list.

  10. You’re missing the code D23- 25 points.

  11. Just opened my account with them today. the only codes that worked are FPSNN83JX9 and believe none of the others did but thanks for all ur hard work getting the list together. :)

  12. non of the codes worked for me. They said no longer valid

  13. Crazy Coupon Mommy says:

    Of course – the website is here.

  14. Could you, please, refer me to Disney Movie Reward Magic website.


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